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Support an elderly widow at Mercy Elderly Home

After sitting down and breaking down the widows’ basic essentials, I realised It is surprisingly cheaper and possible for all of us to make an impact to the livelihoods of the widows in Uganda and the elderly with any amount the Lord will have blessed you with.

This is so because we have broken down how much it would cost to sustain a widow at Mercy elderly home as well as buy them the first animals to kick start their small scale farming income generating projects as illustrated below.

> Supporting an elderly widow at MEH per month costs; 89$, 64pounds and 75£.

>Buying a piglet for piggery projects costs; 9£, 8$ and 6pounds.

>Buying a calf for the cow projects costs; 81.85$, 68.46£ and 58.79pounds.

>Buying a kid for the goat rearing project costs; 31.35 pounds, 43.65$, 36.51£.


Widows’ Project

 In this, we are catering to a number of 17 widows in 10 districts. To support in this project you can support a widow at $50 monthly



Two boreholes were completed in two districts one in Namusale Nakaseke district and kirungu Mityana District in partnership with Grassroots Ministries from Canada.


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