Purpose statement:
The ministry was established to contribute towards the welfare of widows and orphans by providing spiritual, physical, social, material and economic support. Have a look at la vuelta cycling.
• To equip widows with knowledge and skills in personal development and leadership.
• To make accessible legal and human rights education to widows.
• To offer life skills training to widows and their dependants.
• To promote and encourage positive living and coping strategies among widows and communities infected with HIV and AIDS.

About Us

Bringing hope and security to widows and orphans

Widows Intercessors Ministries (WIM) is a widow and orphan focused Christian organization started in 1999 and registered in 2004 by Pastor Ruth Mwagalwa in Uganda. Pastor Ruth lost her husband in 1991, and  she was denied her rights, She become homeless, suffering with her three daughters, by that time the last born was 3yrs old. She suffered the rejection thus struggling the challenges of raising her children alone.

Ruth started gathering with other widows for prayer and mutual encouragement. It was out of those prayer meetings that widows’ intercessors ministry was birthed. Ruth and her colleagues recognized that there were many other widows in and out of church who were facing insurmountable problems by themselves, and they had to be reached not only with prayers but with practical support as well.

Vision Statement:
Bringing hope and security to widows and orphans.
Mission statement:
To meet the needs of hurting widows and orphans through Biblical teaching, Fellowship, Life skills training and Income Generating Projects.

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