Our Programs

These are held in various districts, during these seminars other than the word and prayers we also teach them how to sustain themselves through practical skills. Take a look at vuelta cycling tour However most of our mass gathering activities have been affected by the covid19 disease spread prevention guidelines but we are reinforcing these activities as the restrictions are loosened as per the government directives.

Intercession remains a pillar in WIM and we have regular intercession prayer meetings in which we as the committee gather and seek out for God’s guidance and the holly spirit’s direction in all we do.

WIM’S offices formerly in Kampala city Center have of recently relocated to a bigger gazette with a serene environment to accommodate un-interrupted counseling sessions as personally presided over by Pr. Ruth and her assistants to make sure that all the people in need of counseling are satisfied.

Mercy Eldery Home
Though the help of Project of Love (POL) headed by Lee Paris, we opened mercy Elderly home in 2016 and we are looking after elderly widows of 80years of age and above. These elderly people have characteristics like living alone with inability to perform personal care like showering, farming to get food therefore we take care of them through feeding, clothing, housing, medical care as well as giving them security because some of them are Vulnerable to sexual harassment.

Sensitization in various districts:
Teaching Widows, Orphans and the community their rights for we believe that information turns the marginalised into the prioritised.


Since we started WIM, it has conducted annual conferences for widows in Different districts as agreed upon in our committee leadership opening meeting .For a whole week, widows gather from all around Uganda, and beyond to pray together, being taught life skills, health hygiene and to forge partnership. We also speak to young widows and orphans of how to take care and preparing of themselves.
However given the government directives on the prevention of the spread of covid19, all big gatherings were prohibited and for this reason we hope to hold the next annual conference from the 9th to the 13th of May 2022.

Income Generating Projects
WIM understands that only a holistic ministry that ministers to the whole person can adequately bring changes in the lives of the hurting widows and orphans .Therefore WIM is engaged in providing widows headed families with pigs, goats,cows, businesses, brick making machines and sewing machines to be utilised as a source of income. We also teach widows and orphans to make Crafts materials and we are looking forward to carrying out more sewing training programs for widows and orphans, so far we have a couple of sewing machines donate by project of Love (POL) and we kindly need more. As the lord provides, other viable projects will be initiated.

Life skills (vocational) training
Whenever WIM conducts conferences, workshops are held and life skills are taught .WIM is in the process of setting up a large vocational center where sustainable training will be given in a more conducive atmosphere.